Lee Enterprises is guided by a simple and powerful set of principles: To provide trusted local news and to be honest, fair and ethical.

Diversity and Inclusion in Lee

Lee Enterprises is committed to attracting and retaining a workforce whose diversity reflects the communities we serve. We value distinct perspectives, and we encourage collaboration.As a company, we are focused on producing journalism and related products that embrace inclusion and distinct voices. Diversity, equity and inclusion serve as guiding principles in our daily newsgathering and across all facets of our business operations.We believe that our focus on inclusion and integrity allows us to uplift and strengthen our increasingly diverse communities. Lee embraces change, and we recognize that we must create and maintain a culture of fervent inclusion.


Diversity is measured in many ways – race, gender preference, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, to name a few – and we are committed to reflecting the many different perspectives of our employees and the audiences we serve. Hiring and retaining a diverse group of people means that we can provide richer, more inclusive and better journalism.


We strive to create an environment of respect and collaboration and where the richness of ideas and perspectives makes inclusion and innovation possible.


We are focused on creating a space where everyone can thrive and learn from our similarities and differences. We will create and maintain a working atmosphere where employees are comfortable expressing themselves and sharing ideas.